1/700 Blue Ridge Models – FIGURES – USN 20mm Gun Crew (x24 crews) – 3D Printed

  • Product Type Accessory
  • SKU BRM10020
  • Scale 1/700
  • Accessory Type 3D Printed
  • Brand Blue Ridge

Blue Ridge Models presents a brand new series of 3D printed accessories for 1/700 ship modelers!  These parts are printed on the highest quality 3D printers and are ready to spice up any ship model! 

The material is a resin, so modelers can use the same glues and paints used on any other resin kit.

Includes Pointer, Trainer, Loader, Gun Captain, Hot Shellman, Sight Setter, Projectileman, Pointer/Trainer.  For use on any USN Guns.  Please note we offer 20mm gun crew sets and 40mm gun crew sets.  This Generic gun crew is for all other guns.